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TENNIS: Djokovic Sets Sights on Next Year Australian Open

Comments on Loss to Zverev

It had been a perfect season for the Serb with two in the bags, however, has set his sights on the Australian Open after a painful defeat in the at the hands of on Sunday took some of the gloss off an incredible season.

The Serbian world number one looked unbeatable heading into Sunday’s final, winning all four of his matches in London in straight sets and not dropping serve once.

But his 21-year-old opponent showed no fear at a packed O2 Arena, trading heavy blows with his illustrious opponent from the back of the court and outlasting him in long rallies to win 6-4, 6-3.

A sanguine Djokovic was eager to put the defeat into context after a memorable second half of the season, during which he has clambered back to the top of the men’s game from the lowly ranking of 22 he found himself in as recently as June.

“Obviously no one likes to lose a tennis match,” he said. “You try your best. But at the same time, as I said on the court, you put things in a larger perspective, see things a bit differently.

“When you get out of this feeling of a little bit disappointment that you lost, I mean, all the positive things that I have to reflect on and also take from this season, especially the last six months.”

However, the and champion has stated Zverev took confidence from defeating in the semi final.

Many media and fans had targeted Novak Djokovic as a strong favorite to defeat Alexander Zverev at the ATP Finals on Sunday. The Serbian player had won four straight sets matches in his route to the final but he was expecting a tough match against the German, despite Novak had beaten him earlier in the week in the same tournament.

“Psychologically you would think the player who won round-robin match coming into the finals would have more confidence because he won against the player few days before that. I knew that he’s going to change something, he’s going to play better, and he did.

“I just played under par, so to say, comparing to all the matches I had so far this week”, said Djokovic. Asked if the win over Roger Federer may have influenced Zverev’s mentality and game, Djokovic replied: ‘That’s a question for him.

“Certainly winning against Roger anywhere gives you a lot of confidence. I’m sure he took a lot of confidence and positivity from that win. It was a very close match. He stayed mentally tough and composed. He carried that into today’s match.”

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