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It’s Coming Home Soon- Croatia Coach

England fans all around the world used the phrase in England’s run to the semifinal of the only for Croatia to cut short the hope of football returning to where it started from.

However, Croatia boss has given his support to the Three Lions after Croatia’s defeat on Sunday, saying “it’s coming home very soon”.

England beat Croatia 2-1 at Wembley to secure their place in the semi-finals of the competition and relegate their opponents.

Croatia beat England in the semi-finals of the World Cup last summer and made it clear afterwards that they were irked by talk around England of ‘football coming home’.

“They have a young and fast team. It’s coming home, very soon,” he said.

“I think England showed already at the World Cup. They, I think, exceeded expectations. They have a really young and very fast team, which is very important in modern football.

“I’d like to congratulate England on a deserved win and for qualifying for the final four of the .”

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