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Ibrahimovic: “English Premier League is Overrated”

striker considers the quality of the to be “overrated”, but is pleased that his efforts with helped to silence any doubters.

“People said, ‘You don’t need to go to England, because if you fail in England, people will always say you weren’t good enough’. Everybody was against it. And guess what? That made me motivated. That gave me adrenaline, ” Ibra revealed.

“I liked the Premier League. I found it very motivating and very exciting. It gets a lot of attention, although I feel the quality is a little bit overrated – the individual quality, the technical part.

“But the rhythm is high. Even if you are the best, if you can’t handle the rhythm, the pace, then you will not succeed, because the pace is very high.”

Ibrahimovic feels he would have made even more of an impact in England had he made a move earlier in his career, with a mockery having been made of those who dared to write him off before he opened a productive spell at Old Trafford.

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