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Blame Guardiola for Germany’s Misery

Former Germany defender Hans-Peter Briegel has claimed the struggling position the German national team is in right now is due to the negative influence ’s tactics brought to the team.

The manager was in charge of between 2013-2016 and during that time imposed his passing and possession-based philosophy on the Bundesliga club.

Guardiola helped steer the Bundesliga giants to three league title successes, while he also won two DFB-Pokals, the UEFA Super Cup and the Club World Cup.

Despite his success in Germany, Briegel believes Guardiola’s philosophy has altered the mentality of German football, with sides now believing they must retain the ball in order to win matches.

“A very simple principle has escaped our mind: that in football the result is more important than the control of the game,” he told Italian publication Repubblica .

“Since Guardiola arrived at Bayern Munich, something has changed. We had the illusion that 75% of possession was needed to win. But having control of the ball is not enough to get a result, not always at least.

“Recent history, and also with the World champions France, has shown that you can also win by leaving the ball to the opponents and having less than 50% of possession.”

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