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Messi Reveals How His Son Criticizes His Games

Football star, has revealed that even his oldest son, is a big critic of his games.  

The Argentine footballer disclosed this in an interview.

According to the Barcelona captain, his son who is a huge fan of football that watches all his games, is not always impressed with his performance.

“[He] understands football more because he’s the biggest [of Messi’s children] and he talks about everything to do with football,” Messi told World Soccer.

“I have already had some criticism from him! Barcelona, , the Champions League… he follows it all. He likes it, he asks questions and he gives me pointers when things don’t go so well.”

“It’s not like that anymore!” Messi added. “It’s always tough to manage the losses and the bad performances.

“But Thiago forces me to talk about what happened and explain why we didn’t win. Now, we talk much more,” he said.


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