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Ngige Advises Igbos to Vote Buhari, Says its the Shortest Route to Presidency

Ngige Says Peter Obi's Vice Presidential Slot is a Spare Tyre

Ngige Advises Igbos to Vote Buhari, Says its the Shortest Route to Presidency

Minister of Labour and Employment, has advised the South-East to vote for President in the 2019 elections so that they can succeed him in 2023.

The minister said as speaking with reporters in Obosi in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra state on Sunday, Decmber 9.

According to Ngige, an Igbo man might be privileged to succeed Buhari come 2023 if Buhari is allowed to rule for another four years.

Ngige added that the vice-presidential slot given to , an Igbo man by the Peoples Democratic Party() is a mere spare tyre that might be used for over six years.

“This man (Buhari) has only one term (four years) to do and go home, and an Igbo man will replace him. But if you leave this shortest route and take a gamble, you are on your own. If Igbo refuse to play their cards right in next year’s general elections, the southwest will take away the chance from them.”

“They will produce the next president after Buhari, because the zone has shown demonstrable commitment to Buhari’s cause.

“My good friend has blown the whistle. What he said should be a warning signal to the Igbo, because you can’t stop the southwest from producing the next president of the country after supporting Buhari and the government.

“That is why I’m telling our people now to come out en masse in next year’s election and vote for Buhari, so that nothing will stop you from succeeding him in 2023,” Ngige said.

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