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Senator Uzodinma Bailed as Blood Pressure Rises

Senator Uzodinma Bailed as Blood Pressure Rises

Following the arrest of Senator by the  (SPIPRPP) on Sunday, Uzodinma has been granted bail as he appelesd for the case to be adjourned due to an increase in his blood pressure.

The panel made this announcement on Monday, November 12, disclosing that the action was humanitarian as they granted administrative bail to the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Imo state, after he developed high blood pressure in detention.

The chairman of the panel, Chief , confirming Uzodinma’s temporary release on bail, said he pleaded to be allowed to come back for questioning on Tuesday, November 13.

Vanguard reports that Uzodinma, who was accused of complicity in $12million contract fraud, was released from detention on Sunday, November 11.

According to Obono-Obla, Senator Uzodinma was meant to report back to them by 10a.m on Monday.

Obono-Obla also confirmed that Senator Uzodinma is facing investigating for allegedly engaging in economic sabotage as his company failed to execute a contract of $12million the Nigerian Ports Authority awarded to him for the dredging of channel.

“We don’t want him to die so we have granted him an extension till tomorrow (Tuesday) to report to us,” the chief said.

“We granted him bail to report back today and this morning he was supposed to return by 10am but he requested for us to adjourn the matter till tomorrow that his blood pressure went up.

“We don’t want him to die so we have granted him an extension till tomorrow (Tuesday) to report to us. We will wait for him, if he doesn’t come as we agreed before we granted him bail, then we will know what to do.”

Responding to Senator Uzodinma’s claim that he was never arrested by SPIPRPP operatives upon his arrival in Abuja from Lagos, Obono-Obla said:

“Well you know that no one will say that his mother’s soup is not sweet. The man was arrested. If not why is he begging for extension till tomorrow (Tuesday)?

“He was arrested yesterday at the airport about 8:30pm by our operatives and he was kept there till about 12 midnight before he pleaded that he should be allowed to go and we conceded because we don’t have detention facility.

“We don’t detain people as a matter of policy in our panel. But we asked him to report back by 10am today. When we did not see him by that time, we went to his house and laid siege there. It was then he started pleaded that he was not feeling well and that he will report to us tomorrow.

“So we granted him that respect. If he fails to report tomorrow then we will take it up. We have already filed charges against him for refusing to declare his assets.this matter has been lingering for the past two years.

“He has tried to play some politics but we are not politicians and we have nothing to do with the politics of Imo state. But this matter has been lingering since 2017 that we started looking for him. He refused to answer our invitation.

“We sent about two invitations to the Clerk of the National Assembly but he did not come. So we went to his house and pasted our assets declaration form. That is the first step in our investigation. He refused to fill that form within 30 days as prescribed by the law establishing our panel.

“We now charged him before the Federal High Court. That one is pending. So if he said he didn’t arrest him, then it is up to him. But nobody will say that his mother’s soup is not sweet,” Obono- Obla said.

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