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President Buhari Calls for Peace, Launches Wristband


President has launched the a Unity Band targeted at ensuring unity among Nigerians ahead of the 2019 general elections.

The wristband was launched at a Good Governance Ambassadors of Nigeria () on Thursday in Abuja, advocating that Nigerians wear the band as a sign of willingness to stop the violence that had occurred in previous elections.

The president’s wristband launch is also coming after three days to the kick off of the campaigns of the 2019 elections which the Independent National Electoral Commission () fixed for November 18, 2018.

“By the grace of God, we shall remain strong and united, our country has passed through difficult times, on occasions threatening the foundations of our unity, but with the help of God, we have always emerged from each crisis stronger.

“There is no doubt that we still have pockets of issues that question our unity, but we are convinced that, with the determination of all Nigerians, we shall remain strong and united.

“The Buhari Unity Band is a visual and token symbol of our resolve to live in unity as one and to preach the message of unity wherever we live,” he said.


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