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PDP is More United to Keep Saraki as Senator- Shehu Sani

PDP is More United to Keep Saraki as Senator- Shehu Sani

Trailing attempts to remove Senate president , Senator has disclosed that such attempts are impossible.

The senator who had disclosed the information to newsmen on Sunday said the the attempts of All Progressive Congress () senators to remove Saraki were not feasible as it was constitutionally impossible as two- third majority of lawmakers was needed.

He further mentioned that the People’s Democratic Party, which Saraki defected to were more united in their resolve to keep Saraki as president than the opposition’s attempt to remove him.

APC senators eventually abandoned  plans to remove Saraki, who vowed not to step down; stating that he enjoyed the support of majority of the senators.,

In response to the APC’s abandonment of plans to remove Saraki, Sani said: “It is technically impossible to remove Saraki because the APC does not have two thirds majority in the National Assembly.

“Secondly, Saraki has been able to carry everybody along and provide a leadership to the extent that he is able to accommodate those who are critical of him.

“I can tell that APC backed out from the plot to remove Saraki because they don’t have the number to do that and it is impossible to do that through constitutional means.”

“The opposition are more united and more formidable in their resolve to keep the Senate president than the ruling party in their plot to remove the Senate president.

“So, I can tell you that removing Saraki through constitutional means is very much impossible because the APC is not united to do that. The APC is not having the number to do that and the APC does not have the kind of support it needs to be able to carry out the plot,” he said.


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