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Magnus Abe Explains Fight With Amaechi

Magnus Abe Explains Fight With Amaechi

Senator has opened up pertaining to the fight between him and his friend and current minister of transport, .

The  senator representing Rivers South East constituency, said this in an interview in the recent edition of .

Abe also added that the alleged dictatorship of Amaechi who is the director general of the Buhari Campaign Organisation, may hurt the party badly in the forthcoming elections.

Acording to Abe, Amaechi is running a one-man show.

“My grievances with the Transport Minister have nothing to do with him supporting me or not supporting me. I have told him clearly that he is free to support who he wants to support. My disagreement with him is that he said I should not run, and I said I will run.”

The senator explained how his clash with Amaechi who used to be his friend rolled into  something deeper.

“To come to my house, call me in front of my wife and tell me not to try contesting was the height of it. I said no, I will not accept that one: I will contest,” Abe said.


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