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Atiku Receives Criticism Over Security Search Alarm

Atiku Receives Criticism Over Security Search Alarm

Following the alarm raised by presidential aspirant, Alhaji as regards his being subject to security check at the airport, the Africa Civil Rights Centre has criticozed his actions, referring to them as an antic.

The executive secretary of the group, , said that Atiku was only being chased by the ghost of the past, adding that the should quit looking for sympathy.

He further criticized, saying Atiku should know better how security checks are important as is a former vice president.

“The latest antic of Atiku and PDP is to whip up a storm in a teacup over the routine screening reportedly conducted on him by security operatives upon his return to Nigeria from Dubai on Sunday.”

“He has with the PDP and a retinue of hirelings made so much noise about the search on a scale that sought to present law enforcement agents as singling him out. One of his hirelings even issued a substance-induced sounding statement claiming there was an attempt to frame Atiku by dropping sacks of foreign currency on his aircraft, only someone that once carried out such operation can allude the same to another person.

“It is most unfortunate that Atiku Abaubakar that once held the nation’s number two position for eight years knows no better than to disparage security agencies that are on legitimate duty; he omitted to explain to his supporters that the same DSS he is disparaging is proving security cover for him as per tradition.

“At a time when several of his political associates in the PDP have been severally fingered in using their convoys to provide safe passage for members and even ferrying weapons for them, it is not out of place to conduct random search on persons entering the country.

“Atiku must realize that he called the rain upon himself. Proceeds of his acquisition that he wants to use to buy the 2019 election are stashed in Dubai so he might have as well been smuggling in foreign currency to upend the electoral system in violation of the law,” Ocheni said.

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