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Atiku Criticizes Presidency Over Minimum Wage Denial, Says They Live off Nigerian Hardship

Atiku Criticizes Presidency Over Minimum Wage Denial, Says They Live off Nigerian Hardship

has criticized the Federal Government’s denial of minimum wage approval, accusing the president and his vice of living off Nigerians.

The People’s Democratic Party presidential candidate’s remarks were contained in a statement issued by his Media Campaign Organisation in on Wednesday, following a prior commendation of the president for considering the minimum wage demands.

He further called on the president to fulfill the promises made to the labour union.

Including that approbation and reprobation “is characteristic of the Buhari administration and that it is evidence of lack of leadership at the very top that is putting our economy in peril,” he accused the President Buhari administration of contributing to the hardship of Nigerians.

“We are aware that both President Buhari and Vice-President Osinbajo, despite living and feeding at the public expense, collect a hardship allowance of 50 per cent of their annual basic salaries, whereas, the long-suffering Nigerian workers, who are the main sufferers of the hardship caused by the incompetence of this administration, do not have any hardship allowance and are expected to live on the unliveable minimum wage of the Buhari government.”

“We can only change this by paying our workers a living wage as opposed to the starvation wages now paid to them by the Buhari administration,”

The former vice president accused President and his deputy, Prof. of collecting hardship allowances of 50 per cent of their annual basic salary, while Nigerians receive meager income.

Highlighting how the administration has failed, he added: “Just two weeks ago, two of the world’s largest banks, HSBC and UBS, pulled out of Nigeria citing lack of policy stability as their reason.

“This same reason was given by when they pulled out last year. In the span of the three years that this administration has been in office, more than 500 companies have pulled out of Nigeria for similar reasons. Nigeria under President Buhari has become synonymous with policy flip flopping.

“A government is only as reliable as its word and if its word is not reliable then nothing else about the government will be stable. This is why Nigeria suffered from a recession under this administration and it’s right now at risk of another recession.

“At the risk of repeating ourselves, we urge the Buhari administration to note that Nigerian workers are the goose that lays the golden egg that top members of this government are enjoying to the detriment of those laying the egg.



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