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APC Legal Adviser Accuses Oshiomhole of Violating Constitution

APC Legal Adviser Accuses Oshiomhole of Violating Constitution

The National legal adviser of the All Progressives Congress (APC), , has accused the party’s national chairman, , of violating constitution and going beyond his jurisdiction.

The legal adviser in a letter to Oshiomhole on Sunday, as reports, accused Oshiomhole of trying to take over the duties assigned to him by the party’s constitution.

“I am constrained to put this memo and complaint in writing in the light of the repeated acts of usurpation and deliberate encroachment on my office and attempt to undermine my person and the office.

“You will recall that you have previously done this in two previous matters wherein you had purportedly without recourse to me briefed the Law Firm of D. D Dodo & Co. in Suit No: FCT/HC/CV/9265/2018. Vs. APC & 1or.

“And you also without recourse to us debriefed the law firm of , SAN who had been briefed by the office of legal adviser.

“As if that was not enough, you procured a secretary in your office to depose to an affidavit on behalf of the party wherein the deponent lied on oath that he had the authority of the Party to depose to the said affidavit.

“The motion filed by the law firm of D. D. Dodo & Co. also told a lie that processes was served on the legal department in a certain suit no: FCT/ HC/BW/CV/307/2018. Senator v. APC & 2011: but that was not brought to your notice.

“This was an assertion that was false in every material particular and an attempt to denigrate the legal department and my office as no such process were served to the legal department.

“When I became aware of this aberration and falsity, upon your raising same at the National Working Committee meeting, I vehemently protested same and took serious exception to the encroachment whilst vowing to resist same.

“I also quoted copiously from the party’s constitution which clearly defined the duties of the national legal adviser and that of the chairman.

“You accepted and apologize to me at the meeting and I honestly believed that lessons have been learnt and moved on.

“However to my consternation, my office was served with a memorandum of appearance in Suite no: FHC/ ABJ/ CS/1107/2018. Senator &2ors vs. INEC & 2ors, wherein the law firm of D. D. Dodo & Co is purporting to enter appearance for the All Progressives Congress (APC) in a matter that the legal department did not give them any such brief,” the letter read.

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