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Adeleke Reinstates Commitment to Ending Bad Governance

Adeleke Reinstates Commitment to Ending Bad Governance

Following his arraignment and bail, Senator has reinstated his commitment to , saying his project is divine.

He made mention of the accusations leveled again him, referring to them as ‘trumped-up’, reaffirming his commitment to bringing the government of the All Progressive Congress to an end.

He described ’s government as an economic and social enslavement of the people.

Adeleke who was the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party in the 2018 Osun state governorship poll and granted bail in a Federal High Court in Abuja, said he is supported by the people of the state. He also told them to be relaxed as justice will be served.

“I was duly screened and fielded as a candidate and my people voted massively for me. The whole world knows I won that election and I am at the tribunal to reclaim the mandate. All these fake allegations of examination malpractice and any other imaginary charges cannot change the facts and the truth.

“Our political victories are not our doing. The hands of God and the overwhelming love from the people account for our beating the incumbent administration even with all intimidating apparatus of state. The outcome of the recent poll should enlighten our opponents that this project is divine and supported by the people of Osun state.

“Dragging us to court on false charges, maligning our character and misrepresenting us before federal authorities and the whole world will not stop the truth from prevailing neither will it stop the regaining of the hijacked mandate. I am innocent of charges proffered against me and I know I will be vindicated.

“Let me reiterate my earlier appeal to our people to please remain calm and law abiding .We are before the tribunal and we trust in God that justice will be served,” he said.

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