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86 People Come to Lagos Every Hour Without Leaving- Ambode

86 People Come to Lagos Every Hour Without Leaving- Ambode

Governor, has said that 86 of other states come to and depend on Lagos for survival.

He made this statement on Tuesday while delivering the 75th anniversary lecture of in Lagos, themed: ‘Nation Building: Communities, Inclusion and Prosperity,’ blaming the increase of travel time in Lagos on the increasing dependence of other states on the highly commercial Lagos.

The governor also advocated for an inclusive as a remedy to the increasing ethnic and religious crisis in the country, including that all people irrespective of tribe or status should be included in government and decision making processes.

“We must begin to realize that every strata of the society counts, we must listen and accommodate all views, whether they are poor, whether they are Igbo, Hausa, Muslims or Christians.

“An inclusive society must have the institutions, structures and processes that empower local communities, professional associations, artisans, so that they can hold government accountable.

“It also requires the participation of all groups in society, including traditionally marginalized groups such as ethnic minorities and indigenous populations in decision making processes,” the governor said.

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