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Sokoto Governor and Deputy Vie for Seat

Sokoto Governor and Deputy Vie for Seat

state governorship seems to be a baton passed from governor to successor as governor, , and deputy, Ahmed Aliyu vie for seat.

Incumbent governor,Tambuwal was the deputy governor to ’s after which he became governor in 2005.

The one time deputy governor the Peoples Democratic Party () presidential ticket to former vice president Atiku Abubakar in the primaries.

Senator Wamakko and Governor Tambuwal had been reported to have high degree of respect for each other. However, tension between them has heightened since his return to the People’s Democratic Party.

Tambuwal, while addressing scores of supporters in front of the Sokoto Government House warned that the opposition should not dare his patience.

The governor, however, stressed that should he be pushed to the wall, he would be left with no option than to open up some cans of worms whose resultant effect will lead to outright self exile by some persons in the state.

Senator Wamakko on his part, being a political bulldozer only spoke in public about his successor once when he was given a heroic welcome back to the state for remaining in the . Wamakko was very emphatic about his love for Tambuwal when he told the crowd that Tambuwal is a very promising politician with lots of prospects but has pathetically lost it via this singular return to the PDP.

As genuine as Wamakko’s advise was, political observers however read lots of meanings to it, with many saying, it implies another battleline being drawn between the duo ahead of the next general elections. Those holding such notion rightly affirmed that Wamakko, as the immediate past govenror of the state who single handedly endorsed Tambuwal in 2014 to be his successor is most likely to anoint another candidate against Tambuwal come 2019.

Political observers, noted that should such happen as Tambuwal will be left with no option than to liase with other godfathers to be able to contain Wamakko’s political dexterity.

True to their words, the turn of events shortly after Tambuwal’s defection back to the PDP and his instant reunion with former governor Attahiru Dalhatu Bafarawa amongst other political big shots in the state became a very glaring confirmation that 2019 election in Sokoto might be battle for the godfathers, legit.ng reports.

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