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Controversy over Nomination of Justice Abba-Ajji Continues

Controversy over Nomination of Justice Abba-Ajji Continues

The promotion of  seems to be building up more tension as the Kaduna branch of the shows its support.

Justice Abba-Aji was chosen as one of the eight candidates for appointment as Justices of the Supreme Court of Nigeria with the approval of President Buhari and respective state governors.

However, there was a call on  President by the  not to approve the nomination of  the Justice to the Supreme Court. The network’s chairman, Lanre Suraju said the justice was unfit as she was under investigation for allegedly receiving bribe from a lawyer.

This call however is not supported by the Kaduna branch of the N.B.A. The chairman of the branch, , expressed his support for Abba Aji referring to  CSNAC’s call as unfound.

He went on to urge the president to support the promotion of the justices as she is not under an probe. He further expressed his grievances as he said over the allegation of the NGO.

“Without holding briefs for her, this jurist of the Court of Appeal is well known to us. We feel the allegation was unfounded,”he added.

The Director of information of the National Judicial Council, replying to the call had earlier said that according  to the law of the land “no one is to be punished except for an offence established by due process of law”.

The reply from the president will no doubt suffice in this matter.


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