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Buhari has Impacted Positvely in the Lives of Nigerians- Lai Mohammed

Buhari has Impacted Positvely in the Lives of Nigerians- Lai Mohammed

Although it may be shocking to some Nigerians, , the minister of culture and information believes that President Buhari has impacted positively in the lives of Nigerians and so deserves a re-election in the 2019 presidential election.

In an interview with Channels Television’s ‘Politics Today’, the minister affirmed that President Buhari has delivered his campaign promises and therefore deserves a re-election. Lai Mohammed explained that President Buhari has fought corruption, tackled insecurity and revamped the economy.

According to the minister, the president “has re-branded governance, he has put the country on the path of sustainable growth and development, he is rebuilding infrastructure, implementing what can be described as the most ambitious social investment programme in the history of the nation.

He is ensuring that a few fat cats do not loot the national resources, at the same time, he is ensuring that Nigeria is self-sufficient in many areas especially in food production.

“Above all, he has brought honour and respect back to the country and at the same time, fighting all forms of insecurity.

“We have put in place certain measures that have made it difficult for those who want to loot our resources to do so”.

The 66 years old minister also made mention of cases were the president handled corruption, enlightening Nigerians on the need to continue with the era of integrity rather than go back to the era of inefficiency.

In addition, the minister said that the issue of non-submission of certificate by the minister was a “distraction and non issue”. He  further said that the president was fit health wise and able to deliver.

This however may not be inline with the views of some Nigerians who have constantly complained of the hardship the country has been experiencing since election of the president.

However, campaigns will go on for the 2019 elections.

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