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President Buhari Calls on Nigerians to Re-elect him

President Buhari Calls on Nigerians to Re-elect him

President has called on Nigerians to re-elect him in the 2019 presidential elections.

He said this while delivering the 75th anniversary business lecture of the in Lagos on  Monday, October 29.

According to the president, it will take more than one term to fix the country and deliver the promised changes. He therefore urges Nigerians to join him in his quest for a better as the promised changes will manifest soon.

The president’s lecture was delivered by the minister of power, works and housing, , and was titled “Nation building and institutional development, lessons for Nigeria”.

The president related the need for consistency with the visible achievements  of Island Club. He said the achievement was as a result of consistency and such consistency is what Nigeria needs.

“It took more than one term and one election cycle of the chairman of Island Club to build this hall just as it will require more than one election cycle to build the nation and deliver change. “The process of change and reform did not happen because Island Club did anything; it happened because people, members of the club, and I believe, non-members, who were men of goodwill, chose to act,” the report read.

The president also made mention of his reforms in the power and business sector and urged Nigerians to act.


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