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Osinbajo Affirms He Has Not Resigned

I Remain Committed To the Service of Nigeria-Osinabjo

Osinbajo Affirms He Has Not ResignedVice-president Yemi Osinbajo has reaffirmed that he has not resigned.

This is following a rumour that the professor threatened to resign because he was excluded from a meeting.

, a member of PDP, also alleged made this speculation.

The vice-president said: “They are deliberate propaganda. Today (Wednesday), they’ve been spreading some information around that I’ve resigned.

“They said I didn’t attend a security meeting yesterday. I was too busy in my office.

“The same security people were meeting with me that same evening. Must I attend every meeting?

“Can’t the President hold a meeting with the security chiefs without me? They said I was so angry that they didn’t bring me to that meeting, that I was excluded, then I resigned! I have not resigned.”

“Misleading/FAKE news is on the rise especially in this season when Nigerians will make a choice about who will govern them for the next four years.

“I have not resigned! I remain committed to the service of the Nigerian people under the leadership of President ,” he tweeted.

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