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Only Those Who Do Not Wish Nigeria Well Will Support APC- Peter Obi

Only Those Who Do Not Wish Nigeria Well Will Support APC- Peter ObiVice-presidential aspirant, has said ‘only those who do not wish Nigeria well are still supporting the ruling All Progressives Congress ()’.

The former Anambra state governor said this during a road show campaign in Awka, the state capital on February 5.

The campaign which welcomed a massive audience was to create awareness for the candidate, in view of the February 2019 election.

Obi advised his people to vote for the PDP in the forth coming election in order to empower Alhaji Abubakar Atiku.

He added that Atiku has the experience and expertise to make Nigeria work again.

“The groups are endorsing us because they are seeing the reality. Nigerians have seen that the present government does not have the capacity to govern Nigeria. I want to assure you that more endorsements will come because people are not happy with this government.

“We have a country that is collapsing and it is up to Nigerians to know who to choose. If you think what you are getting in the last three years is okay, then you remain where you are, but I know it is not okay. Our country is now worse.

“The condition of Nigeria should worry everyone. We have a very bad record on insecurity; we have moved from number seven to number three on insecurity. After Afghanistan, it is Iraq and we are the number three and this shameful situation should worry all Nigerians.

“We now have the highest number of poor people living on the surface of the earth in Nigeria and it should also worry all Nigerians,” he said.


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