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President Buhari Signed The Arraignment of CJN Onnoghen Without Knowing- Galadima

Galadima Says Buhari is Not Aware of the State of the Country


has alleged that the President is not in charge of the state of affairs in the country.

The former ally of President Muhammadu Buhari revealed this while speaking on a TV programme on AIT.

He based his accusation on a recent statement made by the Vice President that Buhari was unaware of the arraignment of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, for defaulting in the declaration of his assets.

“The president doesn’t know what happens around him and this is coming from the Vice President when he told us that the president doesn’t even know (Onnoghen’s prosecution). Arraigning a Chief Justice of the Federation, the president doesn’t know. Some people might be playing on his intelligence.

“So what I’m saying is that now a confirmation has come to us from no other person than the Vice President of the federal Republic of Nigeria that the president didn’t even know that this was happening. And those of us who have been in government know that nobody, from a minister, to a governor, to a former Head of State or their spouses can be arraigned in court or can be taken to (the) EFCC or ICPC without the approval of Mr. President.

“So it means that the President even signed the arraignment of the Chief Justice and he didn’t know, Nigerians you are in trouble. And this is the kind of person that is presenting himself for you to elect as the President of Nigeria”

Watch the short video clip below:

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