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Igbos Request For Federal Appointments as Buhari Inaugurates Zik’s Mausoleum

President Buhari Innaugurates Nnamdi Azikiwe Mausoleum in Anambra


South-East leaders have on Thursday 24th January clamored for Federal appointments from President to prove the Igbos have not been marginalized in the current administration.

They made this request known during the president’s election campaign in Onitsha, the thriving business centre of Anambra state.

In the list presented to President Buhari, the Igbos demanded he appoint a Southeasterner as Inspector-General of Police (IGP); stop Boko Haram’s insurgency and herders-farmers clashes; and address marginalisation claims made by some regions.

In his campaign, President Buhari also inaugurated the Mausoleum of first republic president, Dr. in Onitsha, which his administration completed after years of abandonment by previous governments.

Before inaugurating the mausoleum and the courtesy visit to the Obi of Onitsha, Alfred Achebe, the President was welcomed to the state by Governor .

The first port of call for the President and his entourage, comprising Lagos State Governor and some ministers, were the Obi of Onitsha’s palace, where , received them in the company of members of his cabinet.

In line with the Onitsha tradition, spoke for the Obi of Onitsha.

He prayed for Buhari’s success and tabled the requests, which are believed to be the Southeast’s.

He also reminded him of the appointment of a Southeasterner into the Security Council.

The monarch praised Governor Willie Obiano for seeing that the Inosi Onira compound of the late Owelle Azikiwe was kept in good shape.

Buhari said the inauguration of the mausoleum confirmed Anambra as his home and one of his strongholds.

He said:I have nothing to say than to remind you of the situation we met this country, and the promises we made to you.

“So, the best we can do for our country is to return the APC to power. The biggest gift we can give to our country is security and sufficiency of economic prosperity.”

The President said the APC administration had so far addressed the security situation in the country, regional development and equal ministerial appointment.

He said the economy was recovering and the country on the track of development.

The President said: “The larger population is made up of youths between the ages of 35 and below. Nigeria has lots of work to do, to get you employment.

“We have stopped spending our foreign reserve to import rice; there is sufficiency in rice and we now produce it locally, including the Anambra rice.”

Buhari said the mandate given to him by Nigerians required their support, especially for peace and economic development. He said his administration would use all recovered looted funds for the well-being of the citizens.

He, however, promised that his administration, if re-elected on February 16, will continue to make life easier for all by fighting corruption and insecurity.

Buhari said: “The anti-corruption fight is difficult in the current democratic dispensation, compared to the period I was a military Head of State, when those who looted the economy were arrested and prosecuted.”

The President said he had reached an agreement with militants in the Niger Delta on how to protect and ensure safety of natural resources.

He also said the government was tackling kidnapping for ransom, herders/farmers clashes, armed banditry and remnants of the Boko Haram insurgents.

Buhari, therefore, called on the Anambra people to vote for all APC candidates in the forthcoming general elections to enable the party complete all ongoing projects across the country, particularly in the Southeast.

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