Police Men in Calabar arrests a 14 year Old Boy who went out to buy food for his Guardians

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According to a Facebook user, Basil Assibong Who narrated how a 14 year old was arrested by the police after he went to buy for his guardians around 9:30pm.

He Wrote below:

State Housing Police in their normal Hustling Kidnaps 14 year old boy “Pictured” who went to buy food for his Guardians at atekon Junction buy 9.30pm and paraded him around town with handcuffs till 1.30 am and then threw him in the police cell hopping for his guardians to come and pay money for bail.

Then went ahead to handcuff him and parade him all over Old ikang this morning in the name of investigation as well as to intimidate his guardians to pay up.

This nonsense must stop. Security in Nigeria is an illusion   Please shear until it reaches #buhari because the corruption rate in the Nigerian Police Force

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