Photos Of Lionel Messi Haircuts By Serbian Barber Go Viral On Social Media

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Leo haircut (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)


Ahead of the 2018 FIFA World in Russia, Barcelona star, Messi is being shaved into the head of passionate football fans, after a decided to share his unique and quite remarkable talent with the world.


According to Dailymail UK, Serbian barber identified as Mario Hvala, has been shaving the face of the Barcelona superstar into the back of the head of his clients, with an astounding likeness to the man himself.



Hvala’s work has become an instant smash on , after of the final outcome were posted online.


While speaking recently about his mind-blowing work, Hvala revealed just how long it takes to produce his creation, while also admitting he had previously shaved Cristiano Ronaldo into peoples’ hair.



‘The portraits are the most complex when doing the ‘hair tattoos’,’ Hvala told AFP.


‘It takes five to seven hours. When I made Cristiano Ronaldo’s portrait I got many positive comments and people were amazed.’



The price of the temporary masterpiece puts people back a cool €150, or £132.


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