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We Will Not Allow Governors Owing Pension to Leave the Country- NLC

NLC Affirms Commitment to Worker's Pension

We Will Not Allow Governors Owing Pension to Leave the Country- NLCThe Nigeria Labour Congress () has said that very soon it will instruct officials at airports to stop governors who owe pension from leaving the country to enjoy looted funds abroad.

This was disclosed by president of the NLC, , as he addressed the Nigeria Union of Pensioners () at its 17th anniversary on Tuesday, December 11, in Abuja

The Congress is to liaise with the International Trade Union Congress () to place names of governors in the states where workers are being owed salaries and pensions for several months on a watch list.

He added that these governors would not only be named and shamed but the NLC would soon direct Nigeria workers to monitor various airports in the country to stop such governors who may have completed their term from leaving the country.

The NLC Boss also commended President Muhammadu Buhari for the payment of pensions arrears for the Nigeria Airways workers and the 33 per cent increment the pension.

He also assured workers that the congress would not relent it its effort to ensure the issue of minimum pension alongside the minimum wage, was addressed, adding that workers desist from looting.

“We will instruct workers at the nation’s airports to disallow and disgrace any governors trying to leave the country in order to enjoy themselves overseas.

“We have issued statements to these governors owing salaries, informing them that they cannot go anywhere to enjoy the monies they have carted away. They will be disgrace and chases away.”

“Instead of using the money to make life good and build the country for the good of everybody, a few elites will embezzle what is meant for all for their personal use.”


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