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House of Reps Condemn Sales of Birth Certificate

House of Reps Condemn Sales of Birth CertificateThe House of Representatives have condemned the the sale of birth certificates in Nigeria as well as the process of payment to register births.

The lawmakers during plenary on Wednesday declared that payment of money to the National Population Commission () to obtain birth certificates for newborn babies is illegal.

(Abia, APC) had brought the attention of the House to the issue.

According to the lawmakers, such payments and processes have led to increase in number of unregistered Nigerian children due to the N4,500 charge.

She said that the price may not be affordable for people in rural areas, adding that the birth certificates should remain free as was the practice before.

, a member of the House also said birth registration is a social responsibility of government and a right of citizens that should not be hindered by the levy charged by the NPC.

The House Majority Leader, , called for restitution and not just stopping the contract. He said the money illegally collected should be returned and sanctions be imposed on the wrong parties.

He prayed the House to mandate the committee investigating the matter to recommend whether the monies be remitted to government’s coffers or refunded to the applicants, encouraging Federal Government to ensure sufficient funding of ministries, departments and agencies carry out their mandates.

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