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Senator Ekweremadu, Wife, Son, Escapes Assassination Attempt

Senator Ekweremadu, Wife, Son, Escapes Assassination Attempt

Deputy senate president, has reportedly escaped attempts along with his wife and son on Tuesday.

The incident which was reported by the spokesperson of the senator, happened at about 4a.m in the residence of the senator.

According to Anichukwu, some armed men discreetly evaded the security at Ekweremadu’s residence, to gain entrance into Ekweremadu’s residence.

He added that the attackers could not release fire as they avoided alerting the security personnel on ground, therefore they held his son and ordered him to lead them to the senator’s bedroom.

“It was at the Senator’s bedroom that a struggle ensued, leading to the arrest of one of the assailants with dangerous weapons and housebreaking devices, while the rest managed to escape.

The arrested member of the gang has, however, refused to divulge any information on the operation and has been handed over to the police, he siad.


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