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Senate Condemns Police Over Burglary Claim on Ekweremadu Attack

Senate Condemns Police Over Burglary Claim on Ekweremadu Attack

The senate has condemned the ’s referral to the assassination attempt on as a burglary.

The deputy senate president reported on Tuesday that there was an attack on his life alongside his wife and son at his residence.

The Police later reported that they had a suspect in custody, dismissing the case as a burglary attempt.

The senate however at the on Wednesday criticized the police for such claims,taking turns to critically disapprove of such report.

cited orders 42 & 52 and brought the attention of his colleagues to the investigations of the police which ruled Ekweremadu’s attack as burglary.

Senator also said: ”The Nigerian Police conducted a very myopic and porous investigation to a case as serious as this. This is unacceptable and it is not normal. We are here to speak for the people, every Nigerian should feel safe and secure in their environment.”

Ekweremadu threatened to release the video footage showing how he was attacked to the public, which he said the police had yet to watch and study.
Based on the developments, the senate resolved that the police must conduct a thorough investigation of the crime.
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  1. Sammy Ameobi says

    This are people with genue heart who loves Ekweremadu. Senator Ekweremadu has done so great in helping to alleviate poverty around the constifuency.

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