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“Narcissists And Lies 5 And 6″

Lil Frosh

 Lil Frosh’s Girlfriend Reacts After He Denied Assaulting Her

Moments after Nigerian singer, Lil Frosh denied physically assaulting his girlfriend, Gift Camille, she has reacted by calling him a narcissist and a monster she had to face alone.

Lil frosh denied all the violence allegations levied against him,  says she only suffered an allergic reaction.

Gift Camille, in her response, said;

“Narcissists and lies 5 and 6. I’m really disgusted”, she wrote.


She also attached a quote which reads;

“Not today, not this week, maybe not even this year, but one day, your mask will fall and they will see the monster I had to face alone. hey will know that I wasn’t lying. There really was a demon behind that angelic face. They will know”.


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