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Hillarious!! Man Gets Girlfriend A Cake To Celebrate Her ‘First Fart’ In Front Of Him


The Fart Cake

A man chose to bake a cake for his girlfriend after she farted in front of him for the first time.

A photo of the hilarious bake was shared on Reddit by the man’s friend, who captioned the post: “My buddy’s girlfriend farted in front of him for the first time. He got a cake for the occasion.”

The cake is covered in piped frosting, with an image on the top of a cartoon woman, with glitter coming out of her bum.

Alongside this, the message on the cake gives the date that Courtney’s first fart in front of her boyfriend occured.

The Reddit post prompted conversation in the comments about the most bizarre things bakers have ever had to write on cakes.

One person wrote: “I wonder if this is the weirdest request for a cake that the cake baker has ever gotten.”

Someone else was quick to respond to this, saying: “I worked at a grocery store bakery in a college town. Courtney would have been a superstar among the employees, but this certainly isn’t the strangest thing.

“I wrote some pretty awful sentences. Never got a clear answer on whether I was allowed to or not, so I did it anyway because $8.50 an hour needed some sort of excitement.”

The person went on to share some examples of the awful things he iced on cakes, including “I’m sorry I had s3x with Tina”, “Happy Birthday, F****r” and “This is what you get for being a c***”.

A different user added: “My grandma taught a cake decorating class at the county social services office. One participant asked my grandma to help her pipe the word ‘b*****d’ and my sweet little grandma did it.”

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