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CEPEJ Calls on Government to Provide Lasting Solution to Flood

CEPEJ Calls on Government to Provide Lasting Solution to Flood
In the highlight of series of losses caused by in the country, the Center for Peace and Environmental Justice has asked the government to redeem the situation.

The call made in a statement by  the director of CEPEJ, in on Wednesday, was in order to urge the to provide a lasting solution to the disaster which has claimed lives as well as properties.

Such flood disasters have claimed lives even in recent times. Ifejika Umuiza, a 20 year old from had reportedly been killed during a flood on Tuesday 30.

The CEPEJ boss in his statement  also appealed to the federal and state governments, international civil society organizations, private sectors as well as well-meaning individuals to join CEPEJ to provide assistance, especially in resettling flood victims in the country.

He further explained that CEPEJ’s interest in the disasters urging the government, institutions and capable individuals to aid the situation. Mulade also highlighted that the flood has not only claimed lives but also increased suffering due to loss of properties. He advocated that relief materials be sent to flood victims.

“As a non-governmental organization with a special focus on environmental justice, we are sensitizing the people living within the affected areas and call for adequate relief materials to the victims and to properly resettle them.

“CEPEJ is also by this means advocating that the federal government provides continued assistance in the resettlement efforts towards finding a permanent solution to the problem of flooding in Nigeria.

“We are deeply saddened that several lives have been lost to the annual flooding in the affected areas, homes and farmlands have been destroyed, means of livelihood brought to an abrupt halt and farm produce worth millions of naira have also been destroyed,” he said.

“CEPEJ hopes that as part of the Federal Government’s long term measures, the construction of buffer dams on the long stretch of the Niger be considered, to intermittently break wild water tides and avoid future re-occurrence”, he said,” he added.


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