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Adesina Says the Military Doesn’t Reveal Number of Casualties

Femi Adesina Gives Contradictory Statement on Number of Casualties in Borno State Attack

Adesina Says the Military Doesn't Reveal Number of Casualties

Following controversies on the actual number of soldiers lost in the attack on State military camp base, has said that the military all over the world never or rarely gives the total number of casualties. 

Adesina who is the Special Adviser to President on Media and Publicity made this known during an appearance on Channels Television Sunday Politics Today.

Adesina, in response to the actual number of deaths in ’s attack of the military camp base in , , Borno State  said it is a standard procedure not to release the number of casualties in a military attack.

“There is a standard procedure, when things like that happen you don’t go out to talk immediately. You have to reach the Next of Kin. You need to first get them to be aware of what happened to their people before you then speak officially.

“There is a standard procedure for the military to do this.

“All over the world, the military does not or rarely discloses the figure of its casualties, it’s not just in Nigeria,” he said.

Although Adesina described the situation as sad and unfortunate, he said the attack on the military base is not enough to conclude that the insurgents now have control over the region.

He also said it is the responsibility of the military to give an authoritative figure of the casualties, not the presidency.

“The Presidency did not mention any figure. It is not for the presidency to mention a figure, it is for the military because it is purely a military thing.

“It is the military who can give you an authoritative figure in terms of casualties, not the presidency,” he said.

Channels TV however reports that Adesina’s statement has generated reactions as fact check shows that on the contrary, it is a standard practice by governments of developed countries to inform citizens on the number of casualties during military battles.

The , on its website, gave up-to-date information on casualty figure in different US military operations. American war and military operations casualties with the lists and statistics are also released in a 48-page pdf document.

The on the government website also provided information on casualty figures of military officers, including the cause of death.

The government of on its website honour the members of the Canadian Armed Forces who lost their lives in the line of duty, releasing the details and number of their fallen heroes.

France also has a dedicated website where they keep the database of military officers who died in different battles, Channels TV gathers.





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