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Soldiers Rescue Kidnapped Child in Ebonyi

Soldiers Rescue Kidnapped Child in Ebonyi

Troops of the , state have reportedly rescued a kidnapped child.

Reports revealed that the child was found locked up in a house.

According to the Nigerian Army who shared the news on their official Twitter account, the child was discovered during a search-and-rescue mission for a soldier, L/Cpl , who has been missing since September 17, 2018.

The statement released by the Nigerian Army revealed that the child, who looked malnourished, was found sitting on what appeared to be charms and feeding off the leaves on the floor.

The soldiers burnt the charm after which they bathed and fed the child.

The child was later taken to the Medical Reception Station for treatment. According to the reports, the child was later handed over to the Ebonyi state government.

Nothing however, was said about the soldier who went missing and his whereabouts are yet to be confirmed.


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