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Minimum Wage Saga: Labour Congress Warns Nigerians To Stock Food Against November 6

Minimum Wage Saga: Labour Congress Warns Nigerians To Stock Food Against November 6

As the dialogue between Nigerian Governor’s Forum and the Nigerian heightens, NLC warns Nigerians to stock foodstuffs.

This is in preparation for the promised  Tuesday as solution to ’ delay in meeting the congress’ demand.

Gist36 had earlier reported that the forum, headed by Zamfara state governor released a statement that it cannot meet NLC’s N30,000 demand.

NLC’s reply to this is that the nationwide strike might go on in the light of this development.

The group made up of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC), United Labour Congress (ULC), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and PSJNC said all is set for the joint labour unions strike scheduled to commence on Tuesday, November 6.

The union has started peaceful protests in designated areas, sensitizing the people on the need for an increased minimum wage and doing all it can to compel the government to meet its demands.

The unions during a in Asaba, Delta state capital on Tuesday, October 30, advised Nigerians to stockpile foodstuffs to last them for a long time ahead of nationwide strike. The protesters carried placards with different inscriptions, like “No pay, no work”, “We will not go back on N30,000”, “Say no no to modern day slavery”, “N30,000 or nothing”, “Minimum wage is our right”.

Delta state chairman of the NLC, Jonathan Jemiriyigbe during the protest, accused the minister of labour and employment, , of misinterpreting the resolution of the tripartite committee on minimum wage. He called it a modern day oppression that should not be condoned.

“The N30,000 minimum wage will afford Nigeria workers the greater opportunity of purchasing power. So, this rally is to create awareness and correct the way and manner the representatives of the Federal Government, especially the Minister of Labour, had erroneously misled the general public on the outcome of the tripartite meeting, that state Governors cannot pay,” Jemiriyigbe said.

The Delta state governor, in reply to the protest stated that the state would comply with the payment if implemented, no matter the amount.

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