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Mentally ill beggar arrested with N200,000 in Anambra state

The Officials of the Government yesterday arrested a mentally-challenged and a Sum of N200,000 was found in her possession.

Southern City News learned that the lady, said to be in her 50s and regularly seen around Aroma Junction in Awka, the state capital, was arrested by government officials with the purpose to take her to a psychotic hospital in the state.

A government source, who appealed anonymity, disclosed that the officials approached the woman and led her into their van, but she protested that she would not leave behind her properties.

The source said,

“So, the officials told her they would not carry all the waste she referred to as properties, but she should take anything that was most valuable to her. That was when she ransacked the waste and dug out the money.
“We were curious because she is a woman who is mentally sick and used to beg around Aroma Junction in Awka.

“In the process, N200,000 was recovered from her.”

A passerby, who identified himself as Tony, added,

“I know this woman. She is always neat despite her condition. She buys her food each time she is hungry.
“She did not disclose the source of the money, but it can be from the proceeds of alms she had received over time.
“Again, it has long been suspected that men always sneaked into her place at night to meet her.”

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