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Kanye West’s words at strange meeting with Donald Trump.

USA Today gathered every word of Kanye at the strange meeting with President Trump. took his bromance with President to another level.

The rap artist, who has actually turned into one of Trump’s highest-profile star advocates, went to the White House Thursday, where his scheduled lunch conference with the president, Jared Kushner and Ivanka, Kid Rock and Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown paved the way to a meandering 10-minute monologue.

Kanye West's words at strange meeting with Donald Trump.Throughout the comprehensive conversation, West dropped an F-bomb, (“Put the beep on nevertheless you wish to do it and have a five-second hold-up,” he cautioned press reporters), discussed why he notoriously derided previous President George W. Bush as racist while safeguarding Trump (“I remained in a victim mindset”) and revealed that he had actually been misdiagnosed with bipolar illness when he was in fact simply sleep denied.

Here is the complete records from their prepared lunch meeting, as supplied by the White House Press Office.

Trump:  And what people don’t know, Kanye – everybody knows, right? Every – does the world know Kanye? Kanye, what people don’t know about Jim – they say – first of all, he’s the best football player. But they say he was an even better lacrosse player. Do you think so?

Brown:  Never thought about it.

Trump:  Huh?

Brown:  Never thought about it.

Trump: I heard he was even – at Syracuse.

Brown:  I love the game. Yes, I loved it. I loved all the sports.

Trump: Well, it’s great to have you, Jim. Great to have you.

Brown It’s good to be here, Mr. President.

Trump: Kanye, it’s great to be with you.

West:  Great to be here.

On their friendship

Trump: And these are two friends of mine. And Kanye has been a friend of mine for a long time. And Jim is – Jim came out of nowhere, and he said, “I like what the President is doing.” A long time ago we met. Right? And I just appreciated it very much.

And, you know, if you look at the employment numbers, if you look at the median income, if you look at every single indicator, we’re keeping our promise, Jim. Thank you. And I want to thank you.

On North Korea

Brown:  And I like North Korea.

Trump: I like North Korea too.

Yeah. Yeah  Well, he’s – turned out to be good. Dialogue. We had a little dialogue.  And Secretary of State just came back – Mike. He just came back from North Korea  We had very good meetings, and we’ll meet again. But we’re doing good. No more nuclear testing. No more missiles going up  No more nothing  And it’s – that was headed to war. That was headed to war.

Brown: Yeah. I mean, it was – to me, it seemed like that.

Trump: Yeah. It was so close  We spoke – I spoke to President Obama. I will tell you, that was headed to war. And now it’s going to be – I believe it’s going to work out very well.

West: You stopped the war –

Trump:  We really stopped the war. Saved millions of lives  You know, Seoul has 30 million people  You don’t realize how big  Thirty million people who are right near the border; 30 miles off the border  Millions of people would have been killed  And I will say, Chairman Kim has been really good. Really good  And we’ve made a lot of progress.

That’s nice that you say that, because that’s a big – that’s a big thing  These folks were covering – they were covering North Korea not – I think not very promisingly.  And there were a lot of problems. President Obama said that was his biggest problem. And I don’t say anything is solved –

West: You, day one, solved one of the biggest problems.

Trump: Yeah.

West: We solved one of the biggest problems.

Trump: It was a big solving. And not solved yet, but I think we’re along – I think we’re on the way.

No, no. It’s – we’re well on our way.

In a short period of time, Jim. Very short period of time. You know, I left Singapore three months ago. And we’ve made a lot of progress. So it’s very good. Hey, look, that’s one of many things. But I appreciate everything with you.

On Kim Kardashian’s visit, prison reform

Trump:  I’ll tell you what – Kim was in. Mrs. Johnson, we got her out. She was very unfairly treated. And there are many other people like that, that –

West: Yeah, we have Larry Hoover’s lawyer with us today. And it’s a prisoner that was focused on – he has six life sentences, and they have him next to the Unabomber doing 23 and 1. That means –

Trump: What did he do? Larry? What happened?

Moore: Why was he in?

Trump  Yes, tell me  Tell us.

Moore: Allegedly, it’s for conspiracy from prison – from state prison. You know, it’s alleged. But we do believe even if he did commit those crimes, the sentence was overly broad and too strict.

Trump: What was the sentence?

Moore: Six consecutive life sentences in the most secure prison in the world, also known as “a clean version of hell,” for basically an economic crime.

West: What prison is that? Name the prison.

Moore: ADX supermax, in Florence, Colorado. They house the Unabomber, al-Qaida operatives, mass killers, Oklahoma City bomber, things of that nature.

Trump: How old is he? How old?

Moore: 68.

Trump: 68 years old?

Moore: Yes, 68 years old.

West: And really, the reason why they imprisoned him is because he started doing positive for the community. He started showing that he actually had power, that he wasn’t just one of a monolithic voice, but he could wrap people around.

So there’s theories that there’s infinite amounts of universe and there’s alternate universe. So it’s very important for me to get Hoover out, because in an alternate universe, I am him. And I have to go and get him free because he was doing positive inside of Chicago, just like how I’m moving back to Chicago and it’s not just about, you know, getting on stage and being an entertainer and having a monolithic voice that’s forced to be a specific party.

On welfare

West: You know, people expect that if you’re black you have to be Democrat. I have a – I’ve had conversations that basically said that welfare is the reason why a lot of black people end up being Democrat. They say – you know, first of all, it’s a limited amount of jobs. So the fathers lose the jobs, and they say, “We’ll give you more money for having more kids in your home.” And then, we got rid of the mental health institutes in the ’80s and the ’90s, and the prison rates just shot up.

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