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UK Police Reveal Shocking Details About Nigerian Footballer, Kelvin Igweani Killed By Its Officers (Photo)




More detials have emerged following the shooting to death of a Nigerian-born footballer in the UK.


According to DailyStar, Odichukumma Kelvin Igweani, 24, is suspected to have killed a neighbour who rushed to save a toddler he could hear screaming for his life before he was killed.


Richard Woodcock, 38, was lying on the floor lifeless when officers stormed a first-floor flat in Milton Keynes, Bucks, last Saturday on June 26.


After initial attempts to stun the 24-year-old footballer with a taser as he continued to pose a threat to his hostage, police shot him four times.


Armed cops then stormed the apartment after neighbours reported a “horrible commotion” inside.


Officers found Igweani holding the seriously injured two-year-old boy captive in the bedroom.


The young footballer was shot four times and a taser was discharged.


Igweani, known as Kelvin, was pronounced dead at the scene and Woodcock died of head injuries while the toddler remains in a life-threatening condition in hospital.

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