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I Saw My Girlfriend Getting Married to Someone Else a Day to Our Introduction

Crying man


A man has been left in a state of shock after he spotted his girlfriend getting married to another man.


According to the man, he had planned introduction with the lady a day before she went ahead to marry another man.


The revelation was made in a thread making rounds on Twitter.


The first poster had taken to the platform to ask men how their heart has ever been shattered by a woman.


In reaction to the post, a young man whose identity was kept hidden narrated that the love of his life travelled a day to their introduction to get married to another man and when asked, she claimed to have only covered for her cousin who was in the abroad.


In his words;


“We had been dating for three years and I had proposed but we hadn’t done introduction. A day to the introduction she told me she had to travel urgently and when she gets back we’d go ahead. That’s how I saw her doing introduction and traditional marriage on Bella naija page on Instagram. I asked her about it but she said it was her cousin’s wedding and because her cousin is abroad, she had to stand in for her and represent her at the wedding. I don’t understand till today. since then I haven’t believed a word that has come out of any woman’s mouth.”


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