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Female Passenger Duct-taped To Her Seat After She Attempted Opening Airplane Door Mid-flight


Female Passenger Duct-taped To Her Seat After She Attempted Opening Airplane Door Mid-flight

An American Airlines cabin crew duct-taped a  female passenger after she suffered a mental breakdown and attempted to open the plane’s door mid-flight.

The incident happened on American Airlines Flight 1774 that was traveling from Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas to Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday, July 6, but a TikTok video of the incident went viral over the weekend after it was shared by TikTok user @lol.ariee.

According to the Tiktok user, the commotion started one hour into the two-hour flight when “all flight attendants were running up and down the aisles, frantically kind of like whispering to each other.”

The crew began locking bathrooms, and started grabbing bags from overhead bins, but wouldn’t say what exactly was happening, @lol.ariee said.

“It was just kind of like chaos and no one knows what’s going on,”
she continued.

The pilot finally spoke over the intercom and asked people to stay in their seats because of “a bad situation in the plane,” though he did not elaborate further, according to @lol.ariee.

As the plane was landing, a flight attendant who sat near the passengers explained that a woman who was going through an apparent mental breakdown, “had an outburst” and attempted to get off the plane.

“She was saying, ‘I need to get off this plane
,’ and she went up to the exits and started banging on the doors, saying, ‘You need to let me off this plane!’” @lol.ariee said.

The woman reportedly got aggressive, biting, spitting, and attacking flight attendants, so this prompted airline crew to “take her down” and duct tape her mouth.

When the plane landed, the unidentified woman in first class can be seen with duct tape around her body and mouth as she attempts to scream at passengers who are departing the plane.

The video shows a police officer and medical personnel waiting by the plane’s entrance as other passengers walk out upon landing.

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