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The Moment Brave Woman Pushes A Bear Off Her Garden Wall To Stop It From Attacking Her Dogs (Video)


A video has been making rounds online as a woman was hailed for bravery after she pushed a bear off her garden wall to stop it from attacking her dogs.

The incredible footage was shared online by a cousin to the brave woman and it went viral online.

In the clip, a bear can be seen moving along a wall with its cubs. In the garden, dogs are seen running for their lives.

At one point, the bear appears to try and grab one of the dogs but the woman surfaces and bravely runs towards the bear. She then pushes the bear off the wall and looks around the garden to make sure all her dogs are fine, before grabbing the smallest dog and rushing back indoors.

The woman’s cousin shared the video with the caption: “My cousin Hailey (@bittersweet.brat) just fought a fucking mama bear and won!”

Watch The Video Below;

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