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Startling Moment Police Discover A 9-Year-Old Girl Behind Wheel Of Car That Smashed Into Lorry


Photos have shown the really staggering moment police found two young girls behind the wheel of a car that had just had a head-on collision with a huge lorry – and both survived unscathed.

The girls, nine and four, left their home in West Jordan, Utah, and took their parents’ car on a joyride on early Wednesday morning (June 2) in the hope of finding a sea to go for a swim.

But the underaged nine-year-old driver, nine, rammed into a semi-truck after driving 10 miles at around 5.30am.

Police bodycam footage shows the crash scene as the officers respond to a call and investigate the accident at 3200 West.

As the policeman walks around the red saloon and realises the young girl behind the wheel, he tells his colleague: “This is crazy. She is driving?”

The two girls were found wearing seat belts and the air bag went off for the nine-year-old driver, but not for the four-year-old passenger.

Luckily, both of them remained unscathed. The semi-truck driver was also unharmed.

West Valley Police officer Sean McCarthy told FOX13: “The semi-truck driver reported that there were two kids in the car and they appeared very young.

“Officers got here and discovered it was a nine-year-old driver and her four-year-old sister.

“They told the officers they were headed to California and wanted to enjoy the beach for a few days.

“I don’t know that we’ll tell them they were going the wrong way.”

Roxeanne Vainuku, spokeswoman for West Valley Police, said both vehicles were disabled after the crash.

“I guess they were intending to start their summer vacation a little early,” she said.

“Both of them came out of this accident absolutely fine, which is very fortunate as you can imagine.”

She added that the parents had no idea why the girls left and didn’t find out about the situation until later in the morning when they received a “shocking” call.


Source: Daily Star UK

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