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Shocking! 7-Year-Old Boy Tied To Pole And Covered In Honey To Attract Bees In Cruel Punishment By His Dad


The boy was tied up

In what will come across as a really startling development, a seven-year-old boy was allegedly tied to a pole and covered in honey to attract bees by his dad as a punishment.

Shocking photos show the little lad, named as Muhammad D, bound by rope after a neighbour accused him of theft in Egypt.

His dad, 34, has been arrested following the incident at a village in the region of Shebin El Qanater on Tuesday, May 25.

He is accused of tying up the schoolboy to the pole, with his hands behind him, before lathering him in the sweet substance.

The dad, who has not been named, then reportedly placed his son on the roof of their house.

The youngster attracted swarms of mosquitoes and bees due to the sticky honey across his body.

It is unclear how long the boy was left on the roof.

According to local reports, the boy’s mum, 29, was horrified when she saw her son’s punishment and decided to seek help from a child rescue group.

She also took pictures of the disturbing scene with her phone, with the images now being used as evidence against the dad.

After her plea for help, prosecutors from the Egyptian governorate of Qalyubia were contacted and opened an investigation.

The youth is said to have been found in a “deplorable” state by the authorities due to the suspected punishment.

Medical experts checked over Muhammad and recorded the extent of the injuries he suffered.

There have been no further updated on his status.

The mum, who is reportedly now staying in a different village, also claimed the man would beat her and look for new ways to torture their child.

She accused him of depriving their son of food and water for long periods of time, according to news site Al Arabiya.

Although the dad has been arrested by the authorities, it is unclear if he has been formally charged yet.

The investigation is ongoing.


Source: Daily Star UK

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