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Secessionists Are Being Funded By International Communities

 Gov Ayade

Governor Ben Ayade

Cross Rivers governor, Ben Ayade has alleged that foreign countries are the sponsors of secessionists in Nigeria.

Ayade made the allegation while speaking to state house correspondents after he visited President Buhari at the presidential villa on Thursday, June 3.

According to him, some foreign countries target nations with natural resources and support secessionist agitations because they want to boost their gun trade.

“The country is snowballing into a civil strife. We need to come together and support Mr. President to overcome the insurgency which is characterised by external militias who are paid for the purpose.

I know very clearly that they have basic interest in our natural resources, especially our tantalite and cobalt-related derivatives, as well as diamond and gold. As you know, what this international community does for Africa, once they see large deposit of natural resources, they will be glad to see such country go to war.

On one side, they’re funding enemies of state; on the other hand, they’re funding secessionists so that they can be in the business of guns.”he said


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