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One Of The Parents Of The Children Kidnapped From Niger School Has Died Because Of The Incident


The Principal, Abubakar Hassan

Following the abduction of students of the Salihu Tanko Islamiyya school  by bandits on Sunday, May 30, one of the parents of the pupils has died.

This was disclosed by the principal of the school, Abubakar Hassan, during an interview with AriseTV today June 2. Hassan said the bandits have contacted him and asked for N300 million but that the ransom has been reduced to 110 million.

Abubakar said when the bandits contacted him, he appealed to them to allow him to speak with one of the three teachers who were abducted alongside the students, some of whom were about four years old, and the teacher told him that the bandits have started beating them and have refused to give them food.

”What pains me most is that I pleaded with the bandits to allow me talk to one of the teachers. When I spoke to her, she was complaining to me that they have started beating them and that there was no food, water. She said some of the kids cannot move their legs.

We are in a bad situation here.

One of the kid’s parents is now dead because of the incident. She has only one child and when she heard what happened, she fainted. They took her to the hospital where she died yesterday evening” he said

Abubakar who sounded disappointed said the state government is yet to contact him since the abduction happened.

”The government agencies have not intervened. The SSG spoke to us through his wife. The wife called me and she gave the phone to him and we were able to talk. During the conversation, he promised that they are going to intervene and up till now as I am talking to you, none of them came to sympathise with us”

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