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Woman Narrates How A Friend She Informed Of A Job Opening At Her Company Betrayed Her After She Got The Employment


The Tweet

A woman took to Twitter to make a shocking disclosure of how she was betrayed by a friend she helped secure a job at the company she works with.

She explained that she had a job but her friend was jobless. So, when there was a job opening at the company she works for, she informed her friend who applied and was employed.

However, she says her friend typed her sack letter 6 months later when she started dating the boss and she advised the said friend against it.

Adepeju tweeted: “I once inform my best friend about a job opportunity at my work place, She was employed and after 6 months she was the one that typed my sack letter cos she was dating my boss and I advice her not to do such cos he is married. Ever since then I have been careful to do such again.”



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