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Why Living In South-East Is Now More Dangerous Than Living In Afghanistan

Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri


Nigerian writer and politician, Reno Omokri has called out President Muhammadu Buhari over his recent shoot-at-sight order in the South East.


According to Reno, the shoot-at-sight order has made South-East more dangerous than Afghanistan.


He said members of Nigeria security forces may abuse the ongoing fight against insecurity in Southeast Nigeria by using the opportunity to fight or kill their own personal enemies.


He wrote;


“The way things stand now, soldiers can shoot and kill ANY man in Southeastern Nigeria, and claim he was an Unknown Gunman. There are no investigations carried out on the veracity of these claims. No accountability. A soldier with a grudge can get rid of any man whose face he does not like, and claim that the fellow was ESN/IPOB/UGM and he gets away with murder. Living in Nigeria’s Southeast is now more dangerous than living in Afghanistan


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