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“When Discussing With A Man Talk Sense Into Him Until He Begins To See You Beyond Your Breast And V*gina Point Of View”


Pastor Ab Isong

A Nigerian pastor, Ab Isong, has advised young ladies to learn to hold a meaningful conversation with their man till he begins to see them beyond their breast and Vagina point of view.

The Akwa-Ibom based pastor also advised that there is more to marriages than just constant s3x.


He Wrote;

“Hello young lady, when engaging in a discussion with a man, talk sense into him until he begins to see you beyond your breast and vagina point of view.

A potential hubby is looking for a lady who’ll help him grow. Be an inspiration to him everytime you have a discussion.

Avoid questions like How big is your rod of authority  and how long can you drive a canoe in lekuteh.

Try stuffs like, whats your business plan?

His answer will determine if he’ll be able to meet some of your needs. Find out how he treats his mum, dad and siblings. It’ll give you a clue on how he’ll treat you and yours.

Marriage is not do me do me, hit me hit me and harder harder every time. If that’s your idea of marriage, boredom is waiting for you already. Happy Wednesday.”



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