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The Church Is Getting Weaker Because Pastors Protect Herbalists And Condemn Their Fellow Men Of God – Prophet Iginla


Prophet Joshua Iginla

General Overseer of Champions Royal Assembly, Prophet Joshua Iginla has stated that the church is getting weaker because pastors condemn each other but protect herbalists.

In a statement he forwarded to DAILY POST, Prophet Iginla insisted that the church has derailed from its primary assignment.

He said: “A lot of believers in this end-time are thinking of wealth acquisition, money, we are egocentric, we have become the world, and the world is becoming the church, there is a lot of misnomer because the church has lost her place.

“One of the most powerful mandate is not about big church, it is about taking the gospel to the world, especially rural evangelism, I started my ministry from there, you will be surprised there are villages people have not heard of the gospel of Christ, we need to redeem the time for the coming of the master, the problem is that we are condemning one another.

“I have never seen a generation of men of God that will condemn its own and protect a herbalist; we don’t preach against the evils, we preach against one another, and that is why the church is getting weaker.”


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