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So Sweet! See How Mother Reacted After Son Gave Her A Car As Gift (Video)

The man suprised his mother with a car gift

The man suprised his mother with a car gift


A young man has made his mother proud by gifting her a car.


The man, @KhristianLue, shared a video post on Twitter that showed the moment he gifted his mum an early morning car gift.


His tweet reads:

“it’s not a Benz or Bently coupe, but I bought my ma a car today. I love you crazy lady.”


In the clip that has already got 2 million views, the son appeared to call his mum out and took her to the point where the new white whip was parked.


His mum who wasn’t expecting such a gesture screamed at the top of her voice as she assessed the package.


She later hugged her son in appreciation.


Social media users found her reaction beautiful as they commended the man for his gift.


@imagine_enigami said:


“Yeah, but it’s a Honda and will RUN FOREVER with proper care and feeding, and not cost a million to keep running. Well done! Her joy is wonderful to see.”

@baconboiz wrote:


“You know she going up to strangers and saying my baby got me this car’ haha.”

@RfElic_412 commented:


“Man, yo momma is so cool, and so are you. This is dope. That thang gonna go 250k miles plus!”


Watch video below:


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